Our online training curriculum is designed to equip people with the knowledge, skills, and self-awareness to be effective counselors and guides.  We bring together ancient wisdom, modern brain science, and decades of experience to create a dynamic balance which is proven to be relevant and life-changing.  The training is led by Joe Bishop, who has over 35 years of experience in the work of pastoral counseling and equipping.

The entire curriculum consists of three courses, taken in progression, and are now available as an online experience.  They are recommended for anyone who: 

  • feels called to work with hurting people in a counseling/mentoring role 
  • is in a ministry role or any job that involves dealing with people and their problems
  • wants to grow in their own relational skills and self-understanding
  • desires to experience a deeper relationship with God and his healing work in their own life


The curriculum consists of these three courses, taken in order:

Course One: Understanding People: Human Flourishing, Human Brokenness

Eight audio lessons, including a video introduction to the entire training. These lessons focus on what being created in the image of God means, what our deepest desires are, and how/why we develop wrong beliefs and relational behaviors that are self-protective. We give special emphasis to the role of family “imprint” on our beliefs and behavior. This course includes a lesson on human flourishing, the life for which we were created.

When you enroll in this course you receive access to the audio lessons, teaching outlines, assignment questions for personal application and processing, and lists of further resources. The instructor will personally interact with you about each lesson’s content and written assignments.  

Cost:  $250

Course Two:  Counseling Skills and Practice

(completion of Course One is a prerequisite.)

Seven audio lessons focusing on counseling skills such as listening, asking good questions, having appropriate boundaries, establishing rapport, etc.  Students will observe live counseling sessions, with debriefs and Q&A following.  

Enrollment provides access to the audio lessons, teaching outlines, and assignments. Each student will have the opportunity to practice their counseling skills and receive feedback.  

Cost: $250

Course Three:  Understanding Our Struggles

Eleven audio lessons covering the most common presenting problems in counseling, including anxiety, codependency, shame, anger, deep disappointment in relationships, sexual abuse, spiritual abuse, separation/divorce, addiction, grief, and pornography.  Each lesson includes a section on understanding the roots of the problem, a biblical framework for thinking about it, and intervention approaches for counselors.

 Cost: $150 for all eleven audio lessons and PDFs, or $20 for each individual lesson.