This course draws on ancient wisdom, modern brain science, and decades of case studies. It is designed to equip you to understand 1. the sources of your anxiety, 2. what is happening in your brain and body when you feel anxious, and 3. the most effective and proven ways to deal with anxiety and reduce stress.

These lessons strike a dynamic balance in bringing psychology and theology together in a way that is relevant to people struggling with anxiety in our broken, stressful world.


01 Understanding Anxiety
02 Ancient Wisdom About Anxiety
03 Changing our Thinking Patterns
04 Learn to Reduce Your Stress


When you enroll in this course you receive access to download the audio lessons, teaching outlines with prompts for personal reflection and application, and further resources. Consider going through the courses with a friend or even a small group for a richer, more insightful experience. To have the best learning experience we recommend that you listen to each audio lesson 3 times. Listen first time through, take notes the second, and answer the questions on the third.



“For me the most helpful part was learning about slowing down, transforming our thoughts, the fears underneath the thoughts, the meditation, reviewing the day with God…. ” Annemarie


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