Anxiety: Becoming a Non-Anxious Person in a World of Hurry and Hurt


This course draws on ancient wisdom, modern brain science, and decades of case studies. It is designed to equip you to understand 1. the sources of your anxiety, 2. what is happening in your brain and body when you feel anxious, and 3. the most effective and proven ways to deal with anxiety and reduce stress.

These lessons strike a dynamic balance in bringing psychology and theology together in a way that is relevant to people struggling with anxiety in our broken, stressful world.

Joe Bishop, who has over 35 years of experience in pastoral counseling, teaches this course. The format includes audio lessons and PDF’s with guides to personal application, reflection, and enhanced learning.



This course includes these downloadable resources:

  • Study Guides (zip/pdf)
  • Lesson One: Understanding Anxiety (audio/mp3)
  • Lesson Two: Ancient Wisdom About Anxiety (audio/mp3)
  • Lesson Three: Changing our Thinking Patterns (audio/mp3)
  • Lesson Four: Learn to Reduce Your Stress (audio/mp3)

We suggest that you listen to each audio lesson 3 times for the greatest retention and learning. First, listen straight through the lesson; second, listen while making notes on the teaching outline; and third, listen and respond to the prompts for personal application.

We also suggest that you do this with someone else, or gather a small group of people with whom you can process this course. Doing things in community is always better!

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