Many of us have believed stories about ourselves that we thought were true. What if we can learn to rewrite those stories.


What if these new stories lead us to the life we long for.


Respero is about hope.



Based on decades of counseling experience, our online courses are in-depth tools to equip you to counsel others or simply to know yourself better.

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We offer virtual workshops on a variety of timely topics.




No one should struggle alone. Respero counselors provide no cost, faith based counseling no matter where you live.

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“This course truly gave me skills I was looking for to work more effectively with people as they present an issue. I was more prepared to listen well, ask the right questions and help people to see what the next task and/or goal would be for them. I was able to understand my part in process as well as cautions I needed to take to be able to assist in moving the process forward. I highly recommend this class to anyone who finds themselves in situations where others are looking to them for counsel, coaching or mentoring.”

- Susan, Course participant