Your contribution makes it possible for us to continue providing counseling at no cost, and to help create healing communities and conversations.


Make a monthly or one-time donation.


Please make all checks payable to:
P.O. Box 11224
Portland, OR 97211


If you would like to donate stock, please click here.

We desire to be able to provide counseling and encouragement to whoever seeks it through Respero; everyone should be able to have someone to whom they can safely talk when they are hurting or seeking wisdom. Therefore Respero is not funded through fees charged for counseling, but through the support of those who believe in this organization and are able to partner with us on a monthly basis or through one-time gifts.

Our financial principles include

  • Respero operates debt free
  • We issue tax-deductible receipts for all funds donated
  • We will not sell or disclose our mailing list or donor base to anyone
  • We appreciate each financial gift we receive, regardless of amount, realizing that it often represents sacrifice and a heart-felt desire to invest in God’s work
  • A copy of our annual budget is available to anyone upon request