Online Courses

Everyone has a different starting point, but we all want the same thing–to know ourselves and to have great relationships. Our courses are designed to give you hope that such a life is possible, and to provide a blueprint for loving yourself, loving others, and flourishing in your spiritual life. We want to meet you wherever you are, whether your motivation is to help yourself or help those around you.

All courses consist of audio lessons, teaching outlines with prompts for personal reflection and application, and further resources. Consider going through the courses with a friend or even a small group for a richer, more insightful experience.

“I couldn’t wait to tell you just how good it is to listen to the lessons. The recording quality alone, is so nice, your voice and conviction about your core beliefs is reassuring before I even think things through.” Colleen

Counselor Training Track

Become a Respero trained counselor and provide care and guidance to those who are struggling. Courses are designed to equip and nurture the skill of counseling others.

Learn more about the Respero Cohort Experience.


Personal Development Track

We have developed wrong strategies to deal with our wrong beliefs. Only by identifying those wrong beliefs can we change our habits.

Choose any courses that interests you.