Personal Development

We all want the same thing–to know ourselves and to have great relationships. Our courses are designed to give you hope that such a life is possible, and to provide a blueprint for loving yourself, loving others, and flourishing in your spiritual life.

All courses consist of audio lessons, teaching outlines with prompts for personal reflection and application, and further resources. Consider going through the courses with a friend or even a small group for a richer, more insightful experience.


Understanding Yourself

Discover the root of why we do what we do and develop better strategies for being a great lover--of ourselves and others.


What's going on in our bodies when we are feeling anxious? Learn effective and proven ways to deal with anxiety and reduce stress.

Understanding Relationships

Understand what makes relationships strong and great, and what destroys them. Grow in your ability to love and enjoy the important people in your life.

Understanding our Struggles

Get to the source of the most common human struggles, and learn how to bring wisdom, healing, and practical help for each of them. Package includes all topical lessons pertaining to common struggles.

Gift Cards

Give a gift that will make a difference for a lifetime. Select any amount to be used for any of our courses. Great way to encourage someone to take a course with you.



Understand codependency, why people struggle with it so much, and how to help people identify their wrong beliefs and establish new ways of thinking and loving.


Let's talk about shame and where it comes from--using psychology, brain science, and ancient wisdom. Explore how to identify and change our shame beliefs.


Excavate the roots and sources of anger that often wreak havoc on our relationships. Learn to practice new expressions that don’t violate love.


Take an honest look at the reality of disappointment in our relationships, and explore how to respond to it with maturity and wisdom.

Sexual Abuse

Learn about the emotional, mental, and behavioral effects of abuse. Get a glimpse of how we can come alongside those who have suffered and not let it rob them of their worth, value and ability to love and be loved.

Spiritual Abuse

Recognize the marks of a spiritually abusive person and/or church. Understand how this abuse seeps into the understanding of ourselves, God and others.

Marriage, Separation & Divorce

Dive into the complexity of marriage, separation and divorce. When is separation warranted and productive for restoration? What does it look like to heal when your marriage is broken.


Walk through a basic framework for thinking about addiction, from how it affects our brains to 12-step programs. Learn some essential qualities for a life free from dependency.


Learn to give space to our grief and the grief of others.


Discuss marks of healthy sexuality and what we need for healing and freedom from pornography, as well as tools to help others.