Understanding Our Struggles Package


This package was created as an additional resource for those in the Counselor Training Track. However, we believe anyone wanting to understand these issues better would benefit from the lessons. Anyone is welcome to purchase this course. The package includes all of our topic lessons - Addiction, Anger, Codependency, Disappointment, Grief and Loss, Marriage, Separation and Divorce, Pornography, Sexual Abuse, Shame, and Spiritual Abuse. Get all 10 lessons plus a bonus Anxiety lesson.


01 Addiction
02 Anger
03 Anxiety
04 Codependency
05 Disappointment
06 Grief
07 Marriage, Separation & Divorce
08 Pornography
09 Sexual Abuse
10 Shame
11 Spiritual Abuse


When you enroll in this course, you receive access to download the audio lessons, teaching outlines and further resources. For the best learning experience we recommend that you just listen the first time through, take notes the second, and then the third time through reflect on the content and how it is applicable to you or to the person you are counseling/trying to encourage.




“It is amazing how Joe opens up each topic of human struggle with such richness in just a one hour lesson. He lays a framework that offers great clarity to think about each issue deeply and thoroughly. Although the series is part of the counselor training curriculum, I think each lesson stands alone and is great for personal reflection as well. I find myself reaching for these lessons for encouragement, and enjoying them over and over again. Highly recommend!” Angela

“Joe offers practical knowledge and applies biblical wisdom in an uncommonly easy to understand approach. Not only have I learned about myself, I feel equipped to take others through positive life change. His lectures and notes are easy to follow and well organized. I’ll refer to these notes for years to come.” Kim


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