Understanding People


This course is designed to equip people with the knowledge, skills, and self-awareness necessary to be an effective counselor/mentor, but we also believe the course will be greatly beneficial for anyone wishing to grow in their own self-understanding.

It is for anyone who:
• feels called to work with hurting people
• is in a ministry role that involves dealing with people and their problems
• wants to grow in their own relational skills and self-understanding
• desires to experience a deeper relationship with God and his healing work in their own life

The course is designed to be a dynamic balance between the head and the heart as we grapple with the challenge of bringing together theology and psychology in a way that is relevant to helping hurting people in our fallen world.

The training is led by Joe Bishop, who has over 35 years of experience in pastoral counseling and equipping people for relational care ministries. The format is divided between lecture, group discussion, and reading assignments, and is meant to challenge and stretch you intellectually, spiritually, emotionally, and relationally.



Understanding People: Human Flourishing, Human Brokenness

The course includes these downloadable resources:
Welcome and Orientation Video (M4V/MP4)
Study Guides (zip/pdf)
Lesson 1: Introduction, Core Beliefs and Perspectives (audio/mp3)
Lesson 2: Understanding Human Nature (audio/mp3)
Lesson 3: Understanding Human Brokenness (audio/mp3)
Lesson 4: How Wrong Beliefs and Wrong Strategies Develop (audio/mp3)
Lesson 5: Family Systems (audio/mp3)
Lesson 6: A Picture of Human Flourishing (audio/mp3)
Lesson 7: The Dynamics of Change (audio/mp3)
Lesson 8: Understanding Forgiveness (audio/mp3)

We are suggesting that you listen to each audio lesson 3 times during the week, in a different way each time (we will give you more instructions on that as the course begins). You will be able to download an outline of each lesson, with a list or resources and questions for reflection and personal application. There will be some writing assignments in conjunction with these questions which you will submit and then get some encouragement and feedback.

We want this to be an excellent learning experience and catalyst for personal growth, as well as equipping you for counseling. The other two courses in our training are Counseling Skills and Practicum, and Understanding Our Struggles (11 lessons on individual issues like anxiety, codependency, anger, shame, marriage and divorce, etc.).

If you have more questions, send them to joe@respero.org.