Counseling Skills and Practicum


This course is part three of our Respero counselor training. It is designed to give participants an in-depth look at the most important skills required for effective counseling, observe live counseling sessions, and have an opportunity to practice those skills and receive feedback. Emphasis is given to identifying one’s giftedness as a counselor.   This course is an 8 week experience with audio lessons, homework assignments with instructor feedback and a weekly video conference with your instructor and cohort.


01 Introduction To Counseling
02 Establishing Safety, Trust And Rapport
03 The Art Of Asking Good Questions
04 Boundaries For Counselors
05 Knowing Yourself, Using Your Gift
06 Helping People Experience Transformation
07 Final Topics


Completion of Understanding People. There is a short application and interview process for participation in Counseling Skills and Practicum.


“I just finished counseling my first client since my training with Respero. My client thanked me today as she described her new found ability to properly respond to extremely unhealthy behaviors within her family. My heart is full tonight and I am so grateful for your guidance that has given me the opportunity to do something so fulfilling.” Crystal


“Joe! I had the privilege of counseling women through their struggles—addiction, sexual and emotional abuse, family stuff, relationships, anxiety, depression, PTSD, etc. Everything I learned in your class was utilized to help in the women’s healing processes. Taking your classes helped me be well equipped to be a source of God’s love, His presence and His counsel in the lives of these women.” Ali


“This course has been profound. The audio lessons were well produced and the content was exactly what I’ve been needing to process through. Getting feedback about the homework assignments from Joe was encouraging and being able to meet each week with a cohort of other people wrestling with the content makes you realize you’re not alone.” Susan

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  1. Susan Hurley

    This course truly gave me skills I was looking for to work more effectively with people as they present an issue. I was more prepared to listen well, ask the right questions and help people to see what the next task and/or goal would be for them. I was able to understand my part in process as well as cautions I needed to take to be able to assist in moving the process forward. I highly recommend this class to anyone who finds themselves in situations where others are looking to them for counsel, coaching or mentoring.

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