How to become a Respero counselor

How to become a Respero Counselor:

There are three parts to the process of joining the Respero counseling team:

  1. Complete the course Understanding People. You will be part of an online cohort for this 8-week experience. You will receive personal feedback and encouragement from your cohort leader.

    Time requirements: 5-6 hours per week, to listen to the audio lessons, complete the written assignments and participate in the online cohort.
    Learning outcomes:

    • A grasp of the essential dimensions of human personality and human nature
    • An understanding of how wrong beliefs and wrong relational strategies develop and become rooted in thinking and behavior
    • An understanding of family systems and how to break cycles of generational dysfunction
    • A picture of human flourishing and true mental health
    • Knowledge of how people actually change and move toward maturity and health
    • Personal application of all this to your own beliefs, relationships and growth
  2. Complete the course Counseling Skills and Practicum. This is an interactive 8-week online course. You will observe live counseling sessions and gain experience as a counselor and a client.
    Time requirements: 6-7 hours per week to listen to the audio lessons, complete the assignments and participate in the online cohort.
    Learning outcomes:
      • A clear understanding of the skills and qualities of an effective counselor
      • Practice in applying these skills as a counselor, with evaluation and encouragement
      • Knowledge of the boundaries necessary for a counselor and how to apply them
      • Experience in moving people toward personal transformation
      • Assessment and affirmation of your giftedness and calling as a counselor
      • Some great new friends (our cohorts often become genuine healing communities)
  3. Interview with Respero director and cohort leader, with feedback about your strengths and areas for growth. Don’t worry; it’s not as intimidating as it sounds. You will have been receiving this all along!


What is it like to be a Respero Counselor?

Once you join our counseling team, here is what you are committing to, how it works and what to expect.


  • Total monthly time commitment is 6-8 hours minimum.
  • Be available to meet regularly with 1-3 clients. If you can only do one that is fine.
  • Participate in monthly supervision meetings and quarterly continuing education times
  • Agree to maintain strict confidentiality and only discuss your client in supervision
  • Agree to abide by all other Respero guidelines

How it works:

  • You will be contacted by Respero with the information about potential clients; you can accept or decline at your discretion
  • If you agree to contact a client, you do that directly and all further communication and scheduling is between you and the client
  • In a COVID and post-COVID world, much of our counseling is done via phone, Face Time or Zoom. It is probable you will be matched with a client not in your geographical area, unless you request otherwise
  • Your supervisor will schedule your meetings that are usually in small groups with other Respero counselors. We find the sense of encouragement, community and collective wisdom to be invaluable in these meetings. You may also contact your supervisor whenever you feel stuck or need direction.


  • The honor of hearing people entrust their stories to you and the awareness of how much pain is in the world
  • The joy of knowing you have been used by God to support and guide someone toward life
  • The joy of being part of a like-minded team which is making a difference in the world



“It is going so well!! I can’t believe how much I love it. For me it has been amazing. Wow to see lightbulbs go on and open a whole new perspective to people – reminding – encouraging –  listening. Wow! I could talk for hours about it!”

Annemarie  from Aptos, CA

“It was so nice interacting with you all tonight. Always great hearing from you and hearing your insight on loving and pursuing the hearts of others. Spurs me on to continue to sharpen my skills to counsel and disciple others. “

Pam from Commerce, MI