Understanding People (Thursday Evening)


This course is designed to equip people with the knowledge, skills and self-awareness necessary to be an effective counselor/mentor, but we also believe the course will be greatly beneficial for anyone wishing to grow in their own self-understanding. It is designed to be a dynamic balance between the head and the heart as we grapple with the challenge of bringing together theology and psychology in a way that is relevant to helping hurting people in our fallen world. This course is the first part of our Respero Counselor Training Curriculum. It is an 8 week online group experience with audio lessons, homework assignments with instructor feedback and a weekly video conference with your cohort and instructor.


01 Introduction, Core Beliefs and Perspectives
02 Understanding Human Nature
03 Understanding Human Brokenness
04 How Wrong Beliefs and Wrong Strategies Develop
05 Family Systems
06 A Picture of Human Flourishing
07 The Dynamics of Change
08 Understanding Forgiveness


When you enroll in this course you receive access to download the Orientation Video, audio lessons, teaching outlines with prompts for personal reflection and application and further resources. To have the best learning experience we recommend that you listen to each audio lesson 3 times. Listen first time through, take notes the second, and answer the questions on the third.



“I am just finishing up the Understanding People course and the experience has been profound. The audio lessons were well produced and the content was exactly what I’ve been needing to process through. Getting feedback about the homework assignments from Joe was encouraging and being able to meet each week with a cohort of other people wrestling with the content makes you realize you’re not alone. I would recommend for anyone who wants to learn and grow in their own understanding of themselves and potentially help other people do the same.” Katie from Santa Cruz, CA

“Joe, your material was so well put together. Obviously thoughtfully and meticulously prepared. I really appreciated the outline to follow and add my own additional notes to and the suggestion of listening to your material several times. The weeks that I made time to listen several times benefited me a great deal. You are very easy to follow and your additional resources and quotes from others made the material so rich. Your lessons were just the right amount of time as well. The early lessons on identity and who we are in Christ struck me because they are so foundational and they are what we continually need to come back to for ourselves and what we need to bring to those with whom we are working.” Pam from Commerce, MI


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