#14–Moses: messy families, misinterpreting your life, and the myth of redemptive violence

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Many stories of the Bible have amazing insights about mental, emotional, and relational health and wholeness. Next to the stories of Jesus, the most important are the stories of Moses and the journey of Israel from slavery in Egypt to the Promised Land. So in this podcast we look at the beginning of Moses’s story, and see how he struggled with understanding how God wanted to use him and the price he paid for misinterpreting his life.

#13–Why Jesus’ Dad Was a Hero

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We sing that at Jesus’ birth “all was calm, all is bright”.  But underneath the details of the Christmas story there is another side to it, a tale of courage and faith in the midst of heartbreak, confusion, pain, and misunderstanding.  In this episode we see how the unsung hero of the story is Joseph, a truly good man who gave up his reputation and standing in the community to protect Mary and Jesus (and probably never got them back).

#12–Forgive and Remember

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In this episode Joe uses 3 examples from his counseling practice and 2 stories from the Bible to illustrate what forgiveness means and what it looks like in our everyday lives. Despite the fact that it is one of the major themes in the Bible, most people still struggle with understanding forgiveness, and knowing what it looks like in our close relationships.

#11–What to Do When You’re Disappointed

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Disappointment is inevitable in every relationship of any depth or intimacy. So we all have to learn to deal with it in healthy ways, or it will cause resentment to fester and rob us of joy. In this podcast we look at three crucial elements to handling disappointment well, and some examples from the life of Jesus.

#10–We’re SO Different

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In order to have relationships of depth and intimacy, and to truly “accept one another”, we have to learn to navigate our differences. This is especially crucial in a world where we are sliding more and more to “us vs. them”, and vilifying people who are outside of our tribe. In this episode Joe talks about some crucial ways to embrace our differences in our closest relationships,

#9–How to be Accept-able

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The longing to be accepted and the fear of rejection are two of the most powerful motivators of human behavior. Few things in life feel better than knowing that you are welcomed, wanted, included…truly accepted. In this episode we look at what it means to “accept one another”, in the midst of a world where we seem determined to be more about who we are against and who we should reject,

#8-Anxiety, Part Two

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In this episode we continue to look at the issue of anxiety. Joe discusses the ways that we can deal with our fears in a healthy way and learn to plant truth into our minds and hearts. He also talks about the importance of eliminating hurry in our lives, reducing stress, and learning the practices which allow us to enjoy the presence of Jesus one day at a time.

#7-Anxiety, Part One

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Anxiety is a pervasive struggle in our culture, one that sucks life and joy from many people on a daily basis. In this episode we look at some of the sources of anxiety, in order to understand it, and then see how the words of Jesus, still powerfully true and relevant today, can bring hope and healing.