Preparing for Marriage


Most couples spend more time and energy preparing for their wedding than they do their marriage, but research consistently shows that there is a direct correlation between the amount of premarital counseling a couple receives and their marital happiness and stability after the wedding. Our goal is to give you the insights and practical wisdom that can lead to a life-long marriage with real oneness and joy. The audio lessons and PDF’s are designed to help you think through the most important topics and build a foundation for your journey together.


01 What Your Marriage Is All About: Oneness That Brings You Joy And Changes The World
02 Family Matters: Leaving The Old, Starting The New, And Navigating The Differences
03 How To Be Great Communicators
04 Conflict Is Inevitable, Hurting Each Other Is Not
05 Women And Men: Understanding The Differences And The Dance
06 You're Different, Really Different: Accepting And Enjoying Your Personality Differences
07 Learning To Forgive, Learning To Apologize
08 Physical Oneness: How to Have a Good Sex Life
09 Keys To A Good First Year: Having A Plan For Your Money, Dividing Up The Chores Of Daily Life



When you enroll in this course, you receive access to download the audio lesson, teaching outlines with prompts for reflection, discussion and application as well as further resources. For the best learning experience we recommend that you listen to the audio lesson at least once individually and once together. We also suggest that you answer the questions individually and then share the answers with each other and discuss.


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“Joe is a wealth of wisdom and knowledge. We did our premarital counseling with him and it gave us wonderful talking points that helped frame our perspectives going into marriage. We are listening to this online course as a refresher as we are halfway through our first year of marriage! Joe does a great job of explaining the cultural contexts that have shaped societies views on marriage and helps give us a biblical lens through which we can understand our commitment (covenants!) to each other.”
Jonathan and Lindsay Brown

“The Preparing for Marriage course has opened up our eyes to areas in our relationship that we wanted to address. This is our second marriage and we both agreed that we wanted to do things differently this time around. We wanted to make every effort to strengthen our relationship before we walked down that aisle. Joe gave us the vital tools to help both of us communicate with each other in a productive way. This course gave us the ability to address our past, our fears, our doubts, our hopes, our goals, our dreams, our expectations, and so much more. Joe/Respero gave us the tools to have a Christ centered marriage. We are forever grateful!”
Crystal and Damien


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