What We Offer

Personal & Marriage Counseling

We provide safe, confidential, faith-based counseling at no cost. Our counseling team members are not licensed therapists but are gifted, trained, and supervised.

Counselor Training

Respero offers 3 separate 8-week classes; the first is Foundations for Healthy Relationships.

This class is an eight-week, biblically-based experience designed for anyone who:

  • Feels called to work with hurting people
  • Is in a ministry role that involves dealing with people and their problems
  • Wants to grow in their own relational skills and self-understanding
  • Desires to experience a deeper relationship with God and his healing work in their own life

The course is designed to be a dynamic balance between the head and the heart as we grapple with the challenge of bringing together theology and psychology in a way that is relevant to helping hurting people in our fallen world. This class is a prerequisite for the other two, but is open to anybody and hopefully would be beneficial, whether or not they were interested in being equipped for counseling ministries.

The second course is Understanding Key Issues in Relational Care, and will deal with specific problems like anxiety/depression, anger, sexuality, marriage/divorce, abuse, addiction, and grief.

The third course is Relational Care Practicum, where we deal with skill development (listening, asking good questions, boundaries, etc.) and the class members get hands on counseling experience.

Sign-up for a course on our events page

Relational Care Growth Groups

We offer 6-week groups specifically targeted for the issues of anxiety, shame/identity, and codependency. They are designed to provide a unique setting for a deep experience with the stories of Jesus, as well as practical strategies for how to reduce stress, effect change in thinking and behavior, and experience freedom. To sign up go to https://respero.org/contact/, and let us know which group you are interested in. We will respond with details about the time and location!