Respero Podcast

Season One of the Respero Podcast contains Joe’s teaching on a variety of subjects related to counseling and healthy relationships. Watch for a new season about human flourishing coming in early 2023.

# 3 – Let Me Be Direct

In this episode we talk about talking!  How do we use our words with wisdom and clarity, so that our communication styles foster a deeper connection in all our relationships, especially in a world where words are being used so poorly and angrily?  The New Testament...

#2-Encounters With Jesus, Part 2

In this episode we take a close look at the story of Peter's massive failure, his emotional response, and then the beautiful encounter where Jesus restores their relationship and commissions Peter to change the world.

#1- Encounters With Jesus, Part 1

In this episode there is a brief intro to what Respero is all about, and then we engage with a story that shows how Jesus interacts with a woman struggling with shame and isolation. Against all cultural norms and expectations, he treats her like a person of great...