Understanding Yourself


Knowing yourself is vitally important to a flourishing life and healthy relationships.This course is designed to be a guide for you on the journey of understanding why you do what you do, getting real clarity on your true identity and best self, being connected to your heart, and being a great lover. Those are bold claims, but that's what we want for every person, and we believe it’s possible! The audio lessons and PDF’s are designed to be catalysts for you to gain insight for the journey of being yourself.


01 Foundations
02 Understanding Human Nature
03 Why You Do What You Do
04 Human Flourishing: The Good Life
05 Change For Good
06 How Does That Make You Feel?
07 Uniquely You: Personality and Calling
08 How You Connect


When you enroll in this course you receive access to download the audio lessons, teaching outlines with prompts for personal reflection and application, and further resources.  Consider going through the courses with a friend or even a small group for a richer, more insightful experience. To have the best learning experience we recommend that you listen to each audio lesson 3 times. Listen first time through, take notes the second, and answer the questions on the third.



“I was struck by how crucial understanding, identifying and acknowledging our longings is to living a healthy, vibrant, free life.” Carol


“Wow! I learned so much about myself and human nature in this class. I gained a new understanding of how a person’s core beliefs and strategies affect the way situations are processed. This class definitely helps to understand how our family of origin and experiences shape who we are and how we respond. This class will be helpful to anyone wanting to move forward in their own life or help others to do the same.” Susan


“I have been praying for two years for a way for me to use my divorce to help others, particularly young adults. I really appreciate the time and care you put into each lesson. To be honest, I can’t think of words to describe how grateful I am. All I can say is thank you; this class has helped me feel like I have some sort of direction again.” Elaina


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